What the heck is a "munginator" you may ask?

Good question. The munginator's true history is steeped in mystery. But what few facts we've been able to gather are now presented to you for your perusal.

1) Why Munginator?

The programmer of this powerful and flawless php script was working on the program now known as "Randomville - The D20 Town Generator." During early iterations of the program, he asked members of the gaming group to beta-test his scripts. Mainly interested in the underlying functions, he populated the testing plot seeds with "interesting" choices, which led to bizarre adventure seeds such as, "A Barbarian has stolen a duck."

One of the gamers, known as "mung", said that the quirky version of the data amused him and asked that it be kept available for all time. This was the origin of "The Munginator."

2) What's that crazy artwork?

There is an old network adventure game called NetHack. It was originally an ASCII program, but several graphical versions have been created. The programmer of "The Munginator" had already been using some of the freely available artwork created by Aesthetictech's John Shaw. It is artwork highly suitable for use in Klooge.Werks or other Internet RPG utilitites. The programmer asked John Shaw for permission to use the artwork, and was granted permission. While John Shaw asked for no special provisions regarding his artwork, the programmer felt that credit is due. If you copy, use or distribute any of John's artwork, please give him credit. (The author does not know, nor has he met John Shaw.)

3) How can [insert munginator output here] be used as an adventure seed? It makes no sense!

The clever GM can make an adventure from any rubbish. Example "A princess has found a hat." It might be a magic hat. Or perhaps it is a clue in a murder mystery. Or perhaps this is metaphorical, and she's really found a way to gain the crown! Wow! What an adventure!

4) Can I use "The Munginator" on my site?


4) Why don't the pictures match the adventure seeds?

Sometimes they do. It was more amusing to the programmer this way.